Communication with Parents: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The culture in schools today has vastly changed over the years. Gone are the days that messages are sent home from school in a backpack, or athletic schedules distributed via paper copy. Like it or not, we are in partnership with Parents more than ever before. In this webinar, Susan Robbins will discuss strategies for clearly communicating with parents using the most appropriate form of communication for the situation, and also dealing with situations that require more finesse.

This Webinar will cover:

 • Proactive Communication with Parents

 • Best Methods of Communication

 • Tools to Solicit quality feedback from Parents

 • How to Effectively Facilitate Conversations when issues arise

Watch our free presentation from this webinar

Susan L. Robbins, CMAA

Susan Robbins is the Athletic Director at Yarmouth High School in Maine and is her 20th year serving as an AD. She was the NIAAA Distinguished Award Recipient in 2012, and the NIAAA Thomas E. Frederick Award Recipient in 2016. Susan takes pride in being a friend and mentor to all athletic directors seeking to make their programs stronger for students. She is the mother of Chloe, Alden & Ben.

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