Preventing Sexual Misconduct in your Athletic Department

We are all aware sexual assault is a serious issue, but it is complex and confusing. It is natural for leaders to be unsure of what more to do. Most administrators have a good sense of the legal implications surrounding sexual misconduct, but understanding the psychology of sexual assault and misconduct in simple terms will give you a greater ability to prevent it and to lead on this critical issue.

This webinar is not about statistics and basic information. It’s about demystifying sexual assault and misconduct (and other unethical and harmful behaviors) so you can make the best decisions for your department. 

In this webinar, national consultant Aaron Boe will help you:

  • Gain a clearer picture of your real risk based on the science of decision-making and behavior 
  • Understand why traditional training and education can fall short and not protect you or your people
  • Understand where points of leverage are to gain greater influence on the behavior and decision-making of people in your community
  • Avoid errors that can cost valuable time and money
  • Learn strategies to strengthen your approach and apply realistic, proactive measures 

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Aaron Boe, M.S.Ed.

Aaron Boe is founder of Culture Strength and is a national speaker and trainer. As an award-winning author and developer of award-winning programs on preventing sexual misconduct and abusive behaviors, he developed The Complete Strength™ Series of trainings that help athletics departments prevent harm and prepare athletes for positive lives. He has worked with schools at every level across the country and he is a dad of five who coaches youth basketball and baseball.