Transitioning the High School Athlete to the College Level

Few high school athletes go on to compete in college. And those who do face athletic challenges unlike any have faced before. The level of talent they see rises exponentially as does the strength, skill, and determination of their opponents.

Listen in as a pair of accomplished strength and conditioning coaches— John McKenna from Notre Dame High School in New Jersey and Dave Lawson from VMI—share their thoughts on how to best prepare student-athletes for the transition from high school to college. In this webinar, they’ll cover:

• Developing the needed overall physical base

• Readying athletes for the schedule and demands they’ll face in college

• What high school coaches should ask their college counterparts

• Handling common problem areas

• Why the senior year is too late to start the process

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John McKenna and Dave Lawson

John McKenna is Strength Coach at Notre Dame High School in New Jersey.  Dave Lawson, MS, SCCC, is Director of Sports Performance for Olympic Sports at Virginia Military Institute.